Tank covers

Tank covers with a 15 year warranty!

Our tank system is equipped with special covers.
The type of lid chosen depends, among other things, on the substance in the tank, but also on whether the tank is inside or outside the facility.

Each cover is made to individual customer's order.
If you have your own tank and you are only looking for the tank cover / liner
contact us using the form.

See also the offer of our steel tanks.

The covers for tanks are primarily protection against the appearance of algae, wind, rising or falling of the water, temperature, evaporation, contamination
or just an ugly smell.
The covers for tanks are usually made of: PVC, FPP and LDPE.

Anti-algae cover

Excellent protection against formation of algae on both sides of the tank inside and outside. 

Fixed over

Floating cover

Fixed or floating cover?

The algae cover provides excellent protection against UV rays
but also against pollution, evaporation, and the formation of odors - permanently mounted, put on the tank.
The cover is usually made of 0.6 mm thick polyolefin material, it can pass water. Applied to tanks with a diameter of not more than 6 m.

The cover reduces the light access to the tank by as much as 95%.

 - Very strong,
 - easy to assemble
- prevents algae from entering the water very well.

Application: inside, outside.

Floating algae cover provides excellent protection against UV rays, prevents the growth of algae, also protects against wind and allows penetration of rainwater.

The cover stays on the surface of the water thanks to a special construction
filled with air. It consists of 40 mm PVC pipes, which are placed in special pockets.

The cover may have a system protecting against overflow of the tank.

 - Very strong,
- suitable for large diameter tanks,
- easy to install,
- prevents the entry of algae and wind-borne pollutants into the water

Application: outside. 

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Cover made of corrugated steel

The most durable roof for tanks
for water storage.

This newly designed corrugated roof is the most durable solution for covering water storage systems zawada.tech.

The roof made of corrugated metal can be produced for tanks with a diameter of 1.30 m to 20.0 m.

The roof can also be used for existing tanks and silos.

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