Tanks from 
corrugated steel

High quality with a warranty for years!

The corrugated tank system is the best and cheapest solution for storing clean water, rainwater, sewage, slurry, seawater.

Steel tanks for water and other substances

The construction of the tank consists of the highest quality panels equipped with a curved profile in the right radius. The panels are connected together by means of special screws, the shape of which has been developed for the needs of zawada.tech tanks.

A special prefabricated synthetic flooring is provided in the tank structure, equipped with a welded bottom, which together with the tank creates a watertight whole. The tank can be covered with a floating cover, protecting against appearing algae.

Our tanks can have a capacity of 1 m3 to 1921 m3.
See the table of sizes for steel tanks.

Choose the quality of zawada.tech! 

Discover the advantages of our tanks! 

  • Steel quality
    Very strong and solid construction thanks to high quality S 350 GD steel.
  • No white rust
    A newly developed metal coating, Zinc - Magnesium - Aluminium, prevents the formation of white rust. 
  • Bolt set design
    Unique new design of bolts and washers, better matched and easy to install 
  • 10% greater stiffness of panels 
    Two panel lengths to optimize and reduce the logistics of installation costs. Each panel has 10% more rigidity thanks to the higher wave profile 76 x 20 mm. 
  • Organic coating with a choice of color
    Optional: colorless organic coating in RAL 7038 or RAL 6009 for longer life. At the customer's request, we can make a coating in any color indicated by the customer.
  • Quality guarantee
    Each profile is checked many times for quality and compliance with standards. Quality control is carried out by qualified personnel already at the production stage as well after it's finished. 
  • Zero costs of maintenance, easy assembly, easy dismantling and re-installation, long-term service life and a tank warranty.
  • The possibility of financing the purchase of a tank in the form of a lease with a minimum own payment. 

All connections, difference bolt rows and panel thickness are tested on tensile strenth and material deformation in a certificated test facility. The zawada.tech tensile strength calculations are based on EN 1993-1-8 and EN 6773

Linia produkcyjna paneli ze stali. Produkcja blachy falstej w 16 krokach z zachowaniem najwyższych standardów jakości.
The new production line

Steel grade S 350 GD

Guarantee of the strength of the tank.

The strength of the tank structure depends on the steel grade, profile type and construction of the bolt sets.

In our latest generation of tanks we have improved all the important features listed above. In cooperation with renowned manufacturers, we manufacture our S 350 GD steel tanks instead of the popular S 250 and S 280. The profile has been increased  from 18 mm to 20 mm, making the tank much stiffer. The round shape of the tank provides additional structural strength. 

All tensile strength calculations for the zawada.tech tanks are based on EN 1993 - 1 8 and EN 6773.

Zbiorniki stalowe produkowane są ze stali z gatunku S 355 GD.
Do produkcji zbiorników używamy stali najwyższej jakości.

The unique design of bolts

The tank panels are connected to each other using special ones bolts, nuts and washers.

The tank profiles are connected by means of bolts, nuts and washers. The innovative design of the screw head and washers provides a much stronger connection.

Our new design, in which the screw head and washer are pressed into the same shape as the profile wave, guarantees a much more impressive connection.

This construction guarantees that one row of bolts is enough for the connections of many profiles. This significantly simplifies the assembly and provides huge savings related to labor costs. All screws are equipped with an ecological and rust resistant coating.

Innowacyjna konstrukcja śrub, podkładek i nakrętek naszych zbiorników gwarantuje doskonalem połączenie.
Główka śruby między panelem zbiornika na wodę gwarantująca idealne połączenie.


Unique Zinc - Magnesium - Aluminium coating - giving the best protection against rust! 

This technology is available only in our tanks.

All our tanks undergo a galvanisation process - S350 GD steel is galvanized on both sides providing protection against rust.

The corrosion resistance of steel depends not only on the thickness of the coating, but also on its composition. Research carried out by scientists has shown that the addition of 3% Magnesium to the composition of the coating causes a significant increase in resistance to rust.

All our steel panels used to construct tanks have undergone the galvanisation process and obtained the Zinc - Magnesium - Aluminium coating.

This innovative alloy, which can be used in a galvanized steel process, is the next step in the evolution of the corrosion protection of thin steel sheets.

The thickness of the metallic coating can be significantly reduced, while at the same time increasing the corrosion protection thanks to the use of galvanisation technology with the Zinc - Magnesium coating.

The galvanizing method for our steel corrugated tanks is available only with us! 

Stal galwanizowana zabezpieczona powłoką Corrender.

Galvanized steel with
Zinc  -Magnesium - Alumiium coating after 34 weeks.
The test was carried out in an environment with a large amount of salt.

Stal galwaznizowana bez powłoki Corrender. Słaba ochrona antykorozyjna.

Galvanized steel with
traditional method after 6 weeks.
The test was carried out in an environment with a large amount of salt.


The second protective layer for extreme conditions!

This is a unique coating that is applied as a second protective layer after the application of the patented Zinc-Magnesium coating. 

The colored organic coating is applied immediately after electroplating. This guarantees excellent adhesion of the coating and a very uniform layer thickness of 55 μm.

A specially developed undercoat ensures excellent adhesion of the coating with a thickness of 50 μm. 

The two-layer technology ensures very high cohesion between the layers and protects the sheet with the zinc-magnesium coating under extreme conditions. 

  • Highest level of corrosion protection (RC5)
  • Highest level of resistance to UV radiation (RUV4)
  • Highest scratch resistance
  •  Excellent forming properties (1.5T)
  •  Highly reliable and durable (40 years)
  • Available in light gray RAL 7038 and dark green RAL 6009. On special order customer's panel with corrugated metal sheet can be made in any color from the RAL palette. 
Powłoka organiczna. Panel stalowy zbiornika na wodę w kolorze ciemnozielonym RAL 6009
Powłoka organiczna zbiornika na wodę z kolorze ciemnozielonym RAL 6009
Kolorowa powłoka organiczna. Tutaj w kolorze niebieskim na specjalne zamówienie klienta.

New production line

The highest quality standards today!

The newly developed latest production line produces a special profile (76 x 20 mm) in 16 stages which provides extremely high strength and stiffness despite the thickness of the steel. The whole process is subjected to a special supervision.

At every stage of production, each element of the tank is checked in detail in terms of quality and compliance with the highest standards and standards.

Najnowocześniejsza maszyna do produkcji profili (76 x 20 mm) w 16 krokach.
Produkcja blachy falistej z powłoką organiczną dla zbiornika na wodę deszczową.
Precyzyjny etap wyginania paneli stalowych do uzyskania odpowiedniego kształtu.
Kontrola jakości paneli z blachy falistej naszych zbiorników stalowych.

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