Our tanks are the best and optimal solution for storage of liquid substances such as: deep water, rainwater, drinking water, manure, slurry and other substances. - why our steel tanks?


Tank construction, steel, profile 20mm

The quality of steel is the most important. That is why our tanks are made of steel grade
S 350 GD instead of the popular
S 250 and S 280.

The profile in our steel tanks has been increased from 18 mm to 20 mm.


Maximum protection
against rust

A unique coating
Zinc - Magnesium - Aluminum
gives maximum protection against rust.

This technology is available only in our steel tanks.


Innovative bolts
and nuts

The panels are connected by means of bolts, nuts and washers. The bolts and washers have the same shape as the corrugation of the steel sheets.

All screws have an ECO rustproof coating.


Organic coating

Optional: colored organic coating in RAL 7038 or RAL 6009 for longer life.


Guarantee of quality

Each profile is checked many times for quality and compliance with standards.

Quality control is carried out by qualified personnel already at the production stage as well after it's finished. 



Because of the the low weight of the panels and the unique design of our bolt sets, it is easy to fit a tanks.
Only a few people are needed for this and it can usually be carried out without the use of hoisting equipment or special tools.

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Guarantee of quality
and reliability for years.

Check the comprehensive offer and see why you should choose our tanks for water, liquid manure and other liquid substances. Our tanks have many innovative solutions - among the others
unique anti-corrosion technology (Zinc - Magnesium - Aluminum) which guarantees protection against the rust for many years.

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